Wetting Agents

A wetting agent defined by The Free Dictionary is: a substance that reduces the surface tension of a liquid, causing the liquid to spread across or penetrate more easily the surface of a solid. From that meaning one can come to the conclusion that wetting agents are different in their characteristics being a penetrate or spreader or a combination of both.

A more in depth look at wetting agents reveal wetting agents are made up of different chemistry. Anionic or blends of Anionic, Nonionic, Polyoxyethylene, Block Co-polymer, Alkyl Polyglucoside and Modified Methyl Capped Block Co-Polymer surfactants are the names of the chemistry of wetting agents. Here is an article which explains the different chemistry of wetting agents. Most manufactures make different wetting agents from these chemistry and Enp is no exception.

Below is a list of the different wetting agents Turf Trade offers through EnP. Please click the links below to find more information and labels on these wetting agents.

  • Matador is a safe non-ionic wetting agent, based on innovative block polymer technology designed to establish and maintain a consistent moisture level in the root zone.
  • Matador works by attaching to hydrophobic coatings found in certain soil profiles reducing water repellency.
  • Matador is safe to use on all types of turf throughout the growing season.
  • Command is a proprietary formulation that reduces soil surface tension, allowing water and nutrients to reach the root zone.
  • Command contains an organic acid that helps deal with bicarbonate issues that can create poor water infiltration.
  • Command is ideal for irrigation injection and is cost effective.
All Natural
  • All Natural is a non-ionic soil wetting agent, derived from naturally occurring saponins found in coconut oil.
  • All Natural can also be used in tank-mix combinations of fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides to improve the action of the chemicals. It is safe to use with bio-stimulants.
  • All Natural can be used on any area that has a water infiltration problems.
Turf Tabs
  • Turf Tabs are a proprietary blend of polymeric surfactants, containing amino acids and mycorrhizae designed to increase water infiltration while reducing turf stress caused by adverse environmental factors.
  • One Turf Tab will cover approximately 18,000 to 24,000 square feet of turf. Severity of localized dry spot, water temperature, water pressure and application technique may cause coverage to vary.
  • Turf Tabs will fit in all major commercial hose end applicators.

KALO Wetting Agents

Turf Trade is a distributor of KALO wetting agents and adjuvants. Please click the links below for more information and labels on these wetting agents.

Tournament Ready
  • Tournament-Ready is a new chemistry that contains a blend of natural renewable-resource surfactant componets combined with traditional surface-active agents that deliver long lasting residual performance. This unique class of surfactant blend works to prevent and control localized dry spots.
  • Medialist, when us in a water management program, will distribute water more uniformly through the root zone thereby eliminating localized dry spot, enhancing turf quality and reducing watering frequency.
  • Medalist is specially formulated for use with irrigation injection systems. It improves water use efficiency everywhere you irrigate.
  • Hydro-Wet is a high performance turf and soil wetting agent formulated to assist the management and conservation of water to ensure uniform movement, distribution and availability of water into the root zone.
  • Hydro-Wet reduces watering requirements by minimizing water repellency in soils.
H2O Maximizer
  • H2O Maximizer is an innovative blend of surfactants that enhance water infiltration through repellent thatch for more uniform soil moisture.
  • H2O Maximizer’s polymer resin enhances water adsorption to soil particles for increased soil moisture to the plant rootzone.
  • Hand-Held Professional Applicator specifically designed for use with KALO wetting agents/soil surfactants.
  • Shower Type Nozzle: Proven design provides gentle spray while ensuring uniform coverage. Includes brass screen which can be removed for cleaning
  • Lightweight Durable Nylon Construction: Weighs only 3 pounds. Chemical resistant. UV protected.
  • High Density Poly Bottle: 32 fl. oz. size Easy-to-read calibrations in both fluid ounces and  milliliters.
  • Pistol Grip Design: Textured handle provides sure grip surface.
  • Needle Valve Metering Chamber: Engineered venturi siphons and mixes proper amount of liquid active ingredient into water flow.
  • Adjustable Metering Dial: 10 additive settings including “water only.”
  • Comes with 3/4″ Hose Assembly.
OptiWet MAX

OptiWet MAX is 100% active ingredient formulation designed to assis in soil moisture management.

  • Complete soil profile hydration through root zone
  • Long lasting against localized dry spots
  • Enhanced water movement through soil
  • Increase turfgrass quality
  • Maximize water inputs & nutrient availability

OptiWet ULTA provides the turf grass manager the ultimate tool to obtain the optimum moisture level in the soil profile. The balance of water penetration and soil profile hydration delivers consistent results with monthly applications.

  • Reduce incidence localized dry spots and other hydrophobic conditions
  • Increase water movement and hydration throughout the profile
  • Control buildup of water repellent organic coatings on soil particles
OptiWet DG

OptiWet DG is a dry, granular formulation and allow flexibility of application methods in areas where solution based treatments can be problematic. Slopes, slit seeding operations and rehabilitation of compacted turf with core areation, or to correct the water resistance are over come by applying OptiWet DG


OptiWet Hydrate is the premium soil penetrant solution for the most discerning turf grass manager. OptiWet Hydrate provides the highest level of turf safety while delivering soil profile hydration.

  • Great for monthly or bi-weekly applications
  • Uniform soil profile hydration
  • Improves water availability in root zone
  • Increase effectiveness of irrigation
  • Reduce hydrophopic conditions

OptiWet Inject is a versatile salinity aid/irrigation combination. It contains a chelating agent that helps move salts out of the soil profile and into lower layers.

  • Improves the infiltration of irrigation solutions into the soil profile.
  • Increases the availability of water and nutrients within the root growing zone.

Hydretain manages root zone moisture, making the most efficient use of applied watering, rain, etc. Its simple mechanism protects turf from the harmful effects of drought stress, reducing disease pressure and root shrinkage.

How it works

When the soil moisture content (available moisture) drops to a level in which plants and grasses would normally begin to show signs of drought stress, there is still additional moisture in the soil (unavailable moisture) which is tied to soil particles or as free water molecules within the airpssace between soil particles. Hydretain converts currently unavailable moisture into available moisture by pulling water molecules together creating microscopic droplets which are then usable by the plant.