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Quali-Pro's Enclave Flowable Fungicide is a patented, broad-spectrum fungicide that gives a powerful weapon in the war on fungal diseases in turfgrass and ornamentals. Contains 28.7% Chlorothalonil, 9.4% Iprodione, 9.4% Thiophanate methyl, 2.8% Tebuconazole. Available in 2.5 gallon bottles
Features & Benefits:
  • Fast-acting and long-lasting disease protection
  • Controls a broad spectrum of fungal pathogens at the same time
  • Provides outstanding value per acre
  • Delivers both preventive and curative disease control
  • Helps reduce and prevent disease resistance
Use Sites: golf courses, commercial turf, landscape ornamentals, nursery, greenhouses
Effective Against: dollar spot, brown patch, anthracnose, snow mold, blights, leaf spots, powdery mildew, rust diseases
Active Ingredients: 28.7% Chlorothalonil 9.4% Iprodione 9.4% Thiophanate methyl 2.8% Tebuconazole