Biostimulants for turfgrasses

Materials that promote plant growth in plants are biostimulants. Biostimulates used properly may enhance turf stress tolerance and quality. To understand the benefits of biostimulants, you must understand the role of plant hormones. Biostimulants have the ability to influence hormonal activity.

Phytohormones are chemical messengers regulating normal plant development as well as responses to the environment. They regulate tissue growth and differentiation, dictating how plants grow and mature. In addition, plants can sense unfavorable environments through various hormones. The following are some of the major categories of plant hormones.

Cytokinins. These hormones arae responsible for the formation of roots and buds, and promote cell division. Cytokinins tend to conteract the effects of aging and stress in plants.
Auxins. Hormones in this group produce several growth effects in plants, especially cell enlargement. Cell enlargement causes root and shoot elongation in plants and allows them to produce tropic responses, such as shoots bending toward a light source and roots growing downward.
Gibberellic Acid. GA is another growth promoter know for producing elongation in plants. GA also plays a critical role in seed germination.
Abscisic acid. ABA induces or proloings dormancy in plants, and also accelerates abscission. ABA is considered a growth inhibitor, rather than a promoter. ABA levels rise in plants under drought stress, particularly in leaves, where ABA prompts stomates to close.

Stress tolerance is perhaps the most important benefit of biostimulants – tolerance of drought, heat, UV light and even diseases. Biostimulants impart stress tolerance partly by stimulating root growth and partly by promoting antioxidant activity.

Although biostimulants can be synthetic chemicals, naturally occurring organic materials are excellent sources of biostimulants. For example, humic acid and seaweed extract are two commonly used turf biostimulants.

Seaweed contains various hormones, vitamins, amino acids, mineral nutrients and other componets. Thus, it may affect plants in several ways. However, its stimulating influence-particularly for turfgrasses growing under environmental stresses-has been attributed to its hormonal activity, especially that of cytokinins and auxins.
Humic acid has received increasing attention in recent years. Humic substances are naturally occurring organic materials derived from biological sources, (i.e. decomposed organic matter). They typically are mixtures of several types of chemical compounds, including humic acids, fulvic acids and humins. Leonarditie and peat are good sources of humic acids.
Amino acids are building bliocks for proteins and enzymes. Some free amino acids, such as Proline, improve osmotic adjustment and water-stress tolerance of plants.

The biostimulants mentioned above, promote turfgrass antioxidant activity and enhance stress tolerance.

EnP Professional Biostimulant Products

Nautico Verde
ZetaPlex Complete
Soil Support
12-4-6 Bio
ProVita 4-0-1
ProVita 4-0-1
  • Nautico Verde made from Ascophyllum nodosum harvested off the coast of Norway, the richest source of seaweed in the world. “Cold process extraction,” the method used to create this unique product, preserves the integrity of plant extracts, amino acids, organic acids and sugar.
  • ZetaPlex Complete is the most comprehensive and concentrated amino acid supplement for turfgrass.
  • Soil Support contains Humic substance, sea plant extract, Yucca extract, Vermacompost extract and biological active ingredients
  • 12-4-6 Bio offers balanced nutrition from natural sources. Combination of sea plant extract, fulvic acids, amino acids and secondary nutrients allows 12-4-6 to be an excellent source of elemental nutrition and carbon supplementation.
  • ProVita 4-0-1 is a comprehensive biostimulant formulation specific to increasing rooting and stress tolerance by helping the plant build more vitamins.
  • WSM (water soluble mycorrhizae) contains a blend of endo & ecto mycorrhizae fungal spores, sea plant extract, vitamins, humic acid, amino acids and a proprietary blend of microbial metabolites that increase the beneficial bacteria and fungi in the soils.

APEX-10 is an organic peat humic substance made from highly humified peat sources that have a variety of very active and complex materials from plant fibers and contain many active organic constituents. What differentiates this product from anything on the market is the patented extraction process used to recover all of these humic substances along with humic and fulvic acids in their most beneficial form. The result is a formula with a greater power than simply the sum of its parts. This creates the ultimate product for soil and plant heath which has been proven to:

  • Enhance Fertilizer Efficiency by up to 66%
  • Improve Water Efficiency by up to 30%
  • Increase Plant Turgidity
  • Enhance Soil Nutrient Retention & Make Nutrients More Available to the Plant
  • Dramatically Reduce the Potential of Root Loss Under Stressful Conditions
  • Improve Overall Plant Performance

APEX-10 has been thoroughly tested and proven through university studies and real world applications, offering industry professionals an organic alternative that maximizes the efficiency of their operations and complements their environmental initiatives without compromising performance. APEX-10 has a 100% money back guarantee!

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