Turf Trade is the proud distributor of Phoenix Brands by UPI. Please review the products listed below to fill you needs for you professional turf care requirements. Labels and MSDS sheets are available by clicking on the corresponding link for a product.

Product Active Ingredient Product Notes Comparative Label / MSDS
Dovetail Thiophanate-methyl: 19.65%
Broad spectrum
systemic activity
26/36 FungicideLabel / MSDS
Kestrel Propiconazole: 14.3%Systemic:
broad spectrum
BannerLabel / MSDS
Kestrel MEX Propiconazole: 14.3%Systemic:
broad spectrum
Banner MaxxLabel / MSDS
Pegasus DF Chlorothalonil:
82.5% WDG
ContactDaconil UltrexLabel / MSDS
Pegasus DFX Chlorothalonil:82.5%WDG
with green pigment
ContactDaconil Ultrexx w/green pigmentLabel / MSDS
Pegasus 6L Chlorothaloinil: 54% FContactDaconil flowableLabel / MSDS
Pegasus HPX Chlorothalonil: 54% F
with green pigment
ContactDaconil Weather Stik
with green pigment
Label / MSDS
Peregrine Chlorothalonil: 50% +
Thiophanate-methyl: 23.3% F
Broad spectrum
with contact and systemic activity
Spectro 90
Label / MSDS
Raven Iprodione: 23.3%FBroad spectrum
with locally systemic activity
Chipco 26019Label / MSDS
Siskin Myclobutanil: 19.7%Broad spectrum 
systemic activity
EagleLabel / MSDS
T-Bird 4.5L Thiophanate-methyl:
46.2% F
broad spectrum
3336 FloLabel / MSDS
T-Bird WDG Thiophanate-methyl:
85% WDG
broad spectrum
3336 WDGLabel / MSDS
Vireo MEC Metalaxyl: 23%Systemic:
SubdueLabel / MSDS
JetPhiter Potassium Phosphite: 45.5%Systemic:
Label / MSDS
Skylark Tebuconazole: 38.7%Systemic:
broad spectrum
TorqueLabel / MSDS
Wingman DF Mancozeb: 75%Contact: Pythium
and broad spectrum
Pentathlon DF,
Dithane, Fore
Label /MSDS
Wingman 4L Mancozeb 37%Contact; Pythium
and broad spectrum
Pentathlon LFLabel / MSDS
Viceroy Aluminum-Tris: 70% WPSystemic:
Chipco SignatureLabel / MSDS
Hammerkop Hydrocap Pendimethalin: 38.7%Grass & Weed
Label / MSDS
Knighthawk Prodiamine 65.0%Crabgrass
BarricadeLabel / MSDS
Harrier 4L Oryzalin 40.4%Pre-emergentSurflanLabel / MSDS
Rook 4L Quinclorac: 40%Pre-emergentDrive XLR8Label / MSDS
Starfighter L Oxadiazon: 34.1%Pre-emergentRonstar LLabel / MSDS
Starfighter 2G Oxadiazon: 2.0%Pre-emergentRonstar GLabel / MSDS
Thrasher Ethofumesate: 42% SCPost emergent
Poa annua
PrograssLabel & MSDS
Firebird Pro Bifenthrin: 7.9% FInsecticide:
Broad spectrum
Talstar GC & NurseryLabel / MSDS
Hawk-I 2L Imidacloprid: 21.4% FInsecticide:
Merit 2LLabel / MSDS
Hawk-I 75 WSP Imidacloprid: 75% WSPInsecticide:
Merit 75 WSPLabel / MSDS
Merlin Abamectin: 1.9%InsecticideAvidLabel / MSDS
Monarch Paclobutrazol: 22.3% SCGrowth suppression:
Trimmit 2SCLabel / MSDS
Goldwing Trinexapac-ethyl: 11.3% MECGrowth suppression:
leaf absorption
Primo MaxxLabel / MSDS
Cardinal Ethephon: 21.7%Growth suppressionProxyLabel / MSDS
Aquathol K Endothall: 40.3%Aquatic herbicideEndothallLabel / MSDS
Aquathol Super K Endothall: 63%Aquatic herbicideEndothallLabel / MSDS
Hydrothol 191 Granula Endothall: 11.2%Herbicide/Algaecide
Broad spectrum
Endothall GLabel / MSDS
Current Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate: 8%Aquatic weed controlKomeenLabel / MSDS
Symmetry NXG Copper Hydroxide
Triethanolamine: 8%
Algae controlK-TeaLabel & MSDS