Andersons Tee Time Fertilizers

The Andersons’ line of fertilizer has been a great addition to our fertilizer offerings. Please find a sampling below. As always you can find the complete list in The Andersons’ Catalog.

FertilizerSGNFeatureCoverageNPK per ApplicatiionLabel & MSDS
13-2-13100AS13,000 sq. ft.0.5 lb. N, .13 lb. P, 0.5 lb. KLabel / MSDS
100% MUtech14,000 sq. ft.0.5 lb. N, 1.0 lb. KLabel / MSDS
18-0-1810055% MUtech9,000 sq. ft.1.0 lb. N, 1.0 lb. KLabel / MSDS
21-3-1610097% MUtech10,500 sq. ft.1.0 lb. N, 0.80 lb. KLabel / MSDS
17-3-1715093% Poly-S8,500 sq. ft.1.0 lb. N, 1.0 lb. KLabel / MSDS
23-0-615050% NSN w/2% Fe11,500 sq. ft.1.0 lb. N, 0.26 lb. KLabel / MSDS
23-0-1015065% Poly-S11,500 sq. ft.1.0 lb. N, 0.5 lb. KLabel / MSDS
25-0-915080% NSN w/2% Fe, 1% Mn, 1% Mg12,500 sq. ft.1.0 lb. N, 0.36 lb. KLabel / MSDS
18-0-721540% NSN9,000 sq. ft.1.0 lb. N, 0.38 lb. KLabel / MSDS
24-0-821550% NSN + 2% Fe12,000 sq. ft.1.0 lb. N, 0.33 lb. KLabel / MSDS
15-0-1521550% NSN + 5% Fe15,000 sq. ft.0.5 lb. N, 0.5 lb. KLabel / MSDS
21-0-2121575% NSN11,000 sq. ft. 1.0 lb. N, 1.0 lb. K
Label / MSDS

Be sure to ask your Sales Representative for a complete listing of The Andersons’ Contec DG Greens Grade Fertilizers.

Fertilizer plus Barricade, Dimension, Ronstar, Team, Pendimethalin, Broadleaf Weed Control, Growth Regulators, Merit, Talstar, Sevin and Fungicides. Anderson’s Stand alone granular Fungicides, Insecticides, Herbicides are available.

Sprayable Fungicides available are Fluid Fungicide, Fungo Flo, and Penstar Flo. Andersons’ spreaders include the AccuPro 2000, SR 2000, SS-2 Drop Spreader and LCO 1000. These spreaders are the most highly calibrated spreaders in the industry and widely recognized as the best in the industry. Landscapers Products Catalog.

For more information about other Andersons Golf Products offerings please go to their website at or ask your local Turf Trade Sales Representative.